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Sure, I’ll support your kid’s team/school/whatever…

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… just send your kid around to ask/sell me the item.

Yes it’s that time of the year again, and time for a little rant that’s near and dear to my heart.

That’s right folks… when your kid’s hockey team, or school, or whatever organization he/she belongs to needs to raise money and sends your kid out to beg or sell items, it’s supposed to be (among other things) a learning experience for the child. Your child doesn’t learn anything if you take the tickets/chocolate bars/beg box into work and cajole your coworkers into buying them or coughing up the dough.

As a childless person, I’m often considered a ripe target for supporting other people’s children in their scholastic, sports, or other extracirricular endeavours. In fact, I don’t mind helping a child meet some fundraising goal, particularly if it’s academic in nature. However, I DO mind when the request comes from parents and not the child.

If your child wants my contribution, your child can come and ask. If it’s not convenient for your child to ask me, then it’s not convenient for me to support your child. This thought process is simply lost on a LOT of people. What does your child get out of his parents begging for cash from coworkers and friends? I’ll tell you exactly what he gets:

He learns that he doesn’t have to work for things because mommy and daddy will just do it for him.

Is that the lesson you really want to teach your kids? Seriously.

No, a better way is to take your kid door-to-door to sell/ask. Make the child work for it. It’s more sincere, your child will get the experience of dealing with people, and the people who contribute will also get a “thank you” from the child whom they are assisting (or they should get a “thank you” if your child has any manners at all and any expectations of ever getting support again).

Don’t want to take your kid door-to-door? Why not? If you can’t support your child doing the task that was assigned to the child, why should anyone else support your child? When you come to me at work, sans child, and say “buy these cookies to support my kid’s hockey team”, aren’t you really saying “I can’t be arsed to take my kid around to do this work for himself, so save me some time and just give me the cash”? How does that separate you from the vagrant on the street who wants spare change?

So please don’t ask me to buy things to support your children. If your children need support, they can ask me. That’s the rule I live by.

Oh, and just so you know… I belong to various clubs and organizations that periodically need some support, so when I come around to ask you (and I will, mark my words), remember those cookies, chocolate bars, grapefruits, raffle tickets, and so forth that I bought off your kids, because I’ll be expecting response in kind.

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