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Dress your daughter in KinderWhore ™ clothes?

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I was reading an article in this month’s Macleans about people dressing their daughters “like skanks”. Yes, we’ve all seen it – the seven-year-old tarted out like 1982-vintage Madonna, the thirteen-year-old dressed so as to make Xaviera Hollander blush, etc. Walk pretty much anywhere that there is likely to be children or teens and you will see it (well, not in Ottawa in the winter, maybe).

The article doesn’t really explain why, nor does it explain how to stop it other than to say that parents should simply exert some spine and say “No!” more often. While that is true, the article does not get to the vivid imagery that causes the question of “why…?” to be raised in the first place.

What that article should have spelled out was the full truth: Every time your elementary school age daughter goes out in public dressed as KinderWhore, she passes at least one hairy, balding, fat old man who sees her and now has salami-slapping material for a week. All parents (and teenage girls who are old enough to know better) should be keeping that image in mind. Yes, it’s not just fashion, it’s self-play material for those Deliverance rejects that lurk through society.

I’m not suggesting that every man over 25 is a pervert. I AM, however, suggesting that there is a certain percentage of people – men and women – who have what the rest of us would consider to be an unhealthy attraction to young girls, and when you dress your daughter (or yourself) up like that, you’re simply encouraging them.

More importantly, it reflects on the parents as well. When I see some pre-teen dressed up like a streetwalker, it conjures up a family image reminiscent of the Golers.

Yeah, I don’t have kids of my own so I “don’t know how it is”… You know, sometimes (rarely) I might even buy that argument. However, in this instance, it seems pretty clear that parents “don’t know how it is” or do know and are deluding themselves. The fact that not all girls dress or are dressed in this manner suggest that it is completely possible to buy nice clothing without having to dress like a hosebag. I hope that this blog entry – which will bounce around the archives of google forever and has lots of hot key words like “young girls” and “whore” – may convince a few parents that what they’re really doing by allowing or encouraging their young daughters to dress up like whores is:


So please folks, no more fishnets and crop-tops on your 7-year-old… it’s not cute, it’s disgusting. Teenagers – showing off your belly-button ring and wearing a tight tube top to show off your nipple rings is cool if your objective is to be some drooling middle-management drone’s masturbation fantasy… squip-squip-squip girls!

Bleah 🙁

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