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You know, it’s just as “right” as taxpayer-funded Catholic schools…

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… which is to say, it’s WRONG.  The state shouldn’t be pushing a religion, be it Roman Catholicism or Islam, and what this Toronto school is doing should be stopped.

If Muslim students can’t be arsed to return to school after a prayer session, then they should be marked absent and the absences handled the same way any other absences are. It is not correct that a mosque should literally be brought into the school. In fact, the only real argument in favour of what they are doing is that Ontario still has the anachronism of publicly funded Catholic schools.

So on one hand, what they’re doing is completely and obviously wrong. But on the other hand, we have a weird precedent here in Ontario. The fact that people are questioning the on-site imams means that it really is time to start thinking about getting rid of publicly funded religious schools.

>>> Thanks to Trashy’s World for finding this one.

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