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I’m off to Australia to see the solar eclipse in November, and to assist with this, I am acquiring solar filters for my binoculars. This will allow me to watch the eclipse in full binocular glory in November. Binos are easier to transport than my telescope, by a lot, so this seems like the right choice.

I ordered filters for my 11x80mm binoculars, which are the ones I’m taking, but I also picked up a set for my 25x100mm binoculars. These are big binos: 5 kg, 40ish cm long, with 100mm objectives. Those filters arrived today and since there is a HUGE sunspot group visible at the moment I thought I’d have a peek. These sunspots are so big, they’re actually visible to the naked eye if you look at the sun with welders glass or eclipse glasses. Note: if you want to see the spots with your eyes, do not be a dumbass (and eventually a blind dumbass) and look at the sun without proper eye protection. Get welders glass or eclipse glasses. Sunglasses, smoked glass, that sort of thing is DANGEROUS.

Anyway, the view was really cool. As I put them away, I realized that I could use the filters on my camera.  So I gave it a go and took a few pics with various settings.

Here is an example:

A sunspot group
A sunspot group

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