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So you’re mad at the government, the police, the system…

Crime, Current Events

… how does ripping up your town make it better? Irrespective of what any person may think about the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury decision, what positive outcome can be expected from ripping up your own community and setting it ablaze? Not that I agree, but I can understand something like “march on city hall.”  I […]

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Wow, the spam-bots are ubiquitous

Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Rules, Technology

The blog has been around, what, a week?  Already I’ve had to block 9 IP addresses and two small networks for spamming activities. Some people’s kids…

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Gas is cheaper across town?

Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Math and Science, Travel

This is a rewrite of an old article that was lost, but it bears repeating (and it’s been 8 years since the old article anyway). We see all the time articles about where to get the cheapest gas.  Plenty of people will drive all over Hell’s half-acre to save a few pennies on gasoline… or […]

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