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The Squid Zone Has Returned


I decided it was time to resurrect the blog.  It’s back up and running on a better computer, with vastly better configuration.  I’m starting from a completely clean build as all the old content was lost.

Yes, I could dig up a bunch of it from the Wayback machine, or from the Google cache, but I figured it best just to start from scratch.

There are some rules under which the Squid Zone operates.  These are:

  1. It’s my blog.
  2. I will say what I want to say.  If that offends you, too bad.  I don’t say that lightly.  You’re always welcome to comment and explain why you think something is offensive, but by and large, someone is always offended by something and the purpose of this forum is to say what needs to be said.  It may be funny.  It may be educational.  It may be class-A douchebaggery.  I try to keep it factually correct as much as practical, though.
  3. Comments are enabled for about 30 days after each post.  This is to allow discussion to progress without allowing people to necromancer up old threads.  On some posts, I may disable comments altogether.  See rule 1.  Many people don’t enable comments at all, but I enjoy comments when I get them.
  4. Commenters have to be registered.  Sorry, but that’s necessary in this era of limitless spamming.
  5. Comments are moderated to some degree.  In general, I don’t mind if you disagree with me.  Flagrant ad hominem attacks won’t be tolerated.  However, anyone is welcome to tell me I’m wrong and provide reasoning why I am wrong.  Good healthy disagreement leads to thinking.
  6. People spouting dangerous insanity will have their comments removed and will be banned.  Dangerous insanity includes, but is not limited to: Anti-vax, chemtrails, homeopathy, 9/11 truthers, faith healing, Holocaust denial, using religion as a justification to injure a person.
  7. People spouting the less-dangerous conspiracy theories and anti-science will have their comments removed.  Persisting will result in an application of the ban hammer.  Less dangerous conspiracy theories include, but are not limited to: moon landing denial, astrology, most kinds of alternative medicine, evolution denial, young earth creationism, Obama birthers.  If you ever use the term “big pharma” or “big oil” without being specific as to which pharmaceutical or petroleum company you are referring, or if you refer to “toxins” without it being clear exactly which toxic substances you are discussing, you will probably run afoul of this.
  8. This blog is not proffered by the Government of Canada, nor is it an extension of the Government of the Unites States of America, nor any other government.  In short: any real or imagined freedom of speech issues you may have don’t apply here.  See rule 1.

Yes, that seems like a lot of rules, but in practice it hasn’t been a problem… probably because I tend to disassociate myself from whackjobs pretty quickly, and if I am the whackjob relative to other people, I sort of assume they’ll disassociate themselves from me.


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