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OK “Buy Local” people… now’s your chance to step up!

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With the departure of Target from Canadian soil, there is a unique opportunity here for the people who go on about “buy Canadian” and “buy local” to really step up and show that their anti-box-store, anti-big-chain, anti-American bleating isn’t just hot air.

Target will close 133 stores, freeing up acres of retail space and about 19000 workers.  That sudden glut of both space and labour on the market means that both will be bargain-priced, and that means there is no time like the present to get that Canadian-based, locally owned and operated store that stocks all those awesome Canadian goods that everyone is supposed to buy, up and running.  There is a huge opportunity for the anti-globalization people to put their money where there mouths are.

And will they?  Don’t count on it.  All we’re going to here in the coming weeks is how a big American retailer let everyone done.  My prediction is that there won’t be a single Canadian initiative to fill in the newly created gap.

That’s because regardless of the rhetoric, people love the big box, mega chain, cheap Chinese junk stores.  People aren’t prepared to pay the high prices for Canadian stuff.  Plenty of people are, frankly, hypocrites.

But please, prove me wrong.  I welcome the “I told you so!” that would come with a big, competitive Canadian retailer picking up the slack that Target left.

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