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Seriously dude… stairs.

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Got on the elevator today to head up to my office.  I work on the 8th floor, and I have been known to take the stairs, but I think most people would agree, that an 8 floor hike mid-day probably justifies using the lift when coming in the main entrance to the building.

When I got on, someone called to hold the door.  A younger than me gentleman got on.  Definitely in better shape than me.  He was carrying a gym bag and wearing a Nike branded polo shirt.  He proceeded to push “2”, presumably to get to the gym which is on that floor.

Now, able-bodied people using the elevator to ascend a single floor generally piss me off.  I’m a fat guy and I can march my lard up the stairs, so I expect other people can too.  But I try not to dwell on that.

However, this numbnut was going to the gymnasium, and actually had to walk PAST the stairs to get the elevator.  In fact, far enough past that it would have been shorter and quicker to go up the stairs the 1 floor.

Dude… seriously?  Take the stairs you lazy sack.

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