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Do computers dream of silicon sheep?

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No, generally they seem to dream of Lovecraftian shoggoths, dogs, and birds.

There has been much media space dedicated to Google’s Deep Dream engine, so I found a few places and submitted some pictures.

First, since Deep Dream seems to love to dream about eye monsters, I figured it might enjoy an octopus, and some toy Cthulhus…

An octopus
An octopus










Surprisingly, I did not get really scary Nyarlathotep things…

Cthulhu isn't so scary now... I think.
Cthulhu isn’t so scary now… I think.
Octopus Dream
An Octopus Dream










And then I submitted this… it is a picture of the solar eclipse of November 2012, taken on the beach near Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia by me on my trip there.  This moment is during totality, so everything is cast in an eerie light:

Nov 2012 solar eclipse
Nov 2012 solar eclipse

And I think it’s fair to say that Deep Dream loved this one…

Eclipse Dream
Deep Dream’s vision of the eclipse

I think that one is awesome!

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