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25000 refugees, 200000 homeless

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Canada has agreed to take in and settle 25000 Syrian refugees in short order.  This implies that Canada has the resources to accommodate these people, and those resources are available right now to get the job done.

This makes me ask the question: if we, as a country, can bring in from abroad, clear and settle 25000 people, why can we not settle at least 25000 of our own country’s 200000 homeless instead?  We could literally take 25000 people who are on the streets today and give them everything we plan to do for 25000 Syrians.  In fact, it seems to me that we could all but wipe out homelessness in Canada within a decade if we had the same collective guilt about our own people that we seem to feel for the Syrians.

This is not to say that Syrian refugees don’t deserve help.  They do.  I just feel that when it comes to setting people up with a new life, we should take care of our own first, and others second.

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