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Why, exactly, is marijuana illegal?

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I was thinking about this recently, and since the topic of legalizing marijuana is currently hot in political circles, here’s an observation…

Here in Ontario, I can make alcohol for home consumption.  In fact, I can make as much as I want.  Some years ago I had the opportunity to acquire a 4700 gallon stainless steel vessel that would have made a wonderful container for home brew.  Wanting to be sure I did not run afoul of the law, I contacted Alcohol and Gaming and was told basically what it says in the FAQ I linked up there: if it’s for personal use, go for it.

So legally, I can make high-alcohol beer in batches that will fill a swimming pool, as long as it’s for personal consumption, but if I have a single spliff for personal consumption, I can be jailed.

WTF is too short an abbreviation to really capture the WTFiness of that.

Not that I’m hopping up and down for weed, it’s just an observation of a legal situation that seems really arbitrary and wholly unreasonable. Marijuana is an intoxicant, I get that, so it probably needs some control, but does it really need to be controlled more than beer?

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