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How many people have to die before we put an end to alternative medicine quackery?

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Another child is dead, and more parents have criminal convictions for using quackery instead of medicine to treat their child’s illness.  How long are people going to tolerate this alternative medicine crap?  How many more people have to die before we bring the weight of government down hard on these charlatans whose purpose in life is […]

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Cinemas are dead, but they haven’t fallen over.

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I saw this news article (click) today.  It makes some interesting points about declining attendance at cinemas, and suggests that if young people can’t text during a show, they won’t go.  In response, a large American chain is going to stop harping on “turn off your phone”. What that tells me is that the traditional […]

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Soon there will be dinosaurs!


The renovations to the parrot room are mostly complete and we’re in the final stages of preparing for the arrival of parrots! We are expecting  to have Tequila (blue and gold macaw):   And Skye (Congo African Grey): The construction is done, and we’re working through the assorted room trimmings.  Hopefully we’ll have our own […]

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