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Soon there will be dinosaurs!


The renovations to the parrot room are mostly complete and we’re in the final stages of preparing for the arrival of parrots!

We are expecting  to have Tequila (blue and gold macaw):

Tiki (Tequila)
Tiki (Tequila) in her favourite position


And Skye (Congo African Grey):

Skye being coy.
Skye being coy.

The construction is done, and we’re working through the assorted room trimmings.  Hopefully we’ll have our own little dinosaur flock by the end of the month!

But their arrival is just the beginning.  Skye will need some hand training, which should be fun.  Both birds can talk, although Tiki tends to talk only when another bird is getting attention 🙂  We want to train Tiki to ring a bell when she hears the doorbell – this is because I do not hear well and the doorbell often eludes me, but the chosen Tiki-bell will be easy to hear anywhere in the house.

You may notice that Tiki is partly bald.  This is what happens when a parrot gets depressed or really upset.  In her case, the previous owner died, and Tiki did not take it well.  She has a lot of personality though and is quite taken by me, so she may not be a show bird, but will be a lot of fun to have around the house.

For my friends and people who may come to visit, there’s some things you should know…

  • A macaw can generate 200-400 psi of bite force – about 2-3x the strength of a human bite. So when they chomp you, you will know it, and it will hurt… a lot.  For this reason, it is wise to keep your fingers (and face – they are smart enough to know where it hurts) away from the business end until the bird knows you and is comfortable with you.   Macaws are pretty easy going, in part because they’re big.  An African Grey is not as strong, but because they’re smaller, can be nasty if spooked.  In short, if you scare them, they can and will hurt you.  I’ve experienced this.  It’s not fun.
  • Parrots are a lot like young children.  They have the problem solving capacity of a 3-5 year old (and they’re loud and messy… like a 3-5 year old).
  • There’s a lot of things you can’t feed a parrot, so no unapproved treats!  Although giving Tiki a brazil nut can serve as an excellent reminder of my first point.
  • They both like to be around people so if you’re over, you’ll get to meet them.

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