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The Decade In Review

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The Twenty-teens winds down today, and I took a moment to reflect over the past decade. It’s been a mixed bag, for sure.

It did not start well. I opened 2010 in a deep depression cycle, and on a grossly restricted diet that persists to this day, although the restrictions reduced in the later part of the decade. The biggest remaining restriction is that I am very limited in alcohol consumption – more than a drink or two in a month will make me very ill. Yay idiopathic pancreatitis!

Interestingly, I have little memory of 2009 to mid-2012 nor 2015, except as noted below, probably due to mental health. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I started the decade unemployed, but eventually found what I thought was my dream job – corporate security officer in a financial institution. And it was decent at the beginning, but as so many places do, they tried to “modernize” which largely meant bringing in longer hours and increased responsibilities along with much more intrusive HR monitoring, all combined with no increase in pay. This eventually sent me back down the depression hole.

Those events did spawn two changes – I went back to consulting and became much happier. And with Beth, we brought home the two dinosaurs:

This is a profound life change as the Squid-o-Drome has never had a dog or cat as anything but a temporary visitor. The dinosaurs have added a great deal of happiness to my life.

Time marched on, and I cashed in my consulting gig for a permanent civil service position. Essentially, I’m doing the same job, but now with benefits and pension. Most importantly, I can see the end of my working career now… less than a decade away. It is strange to be looking at the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” but it feels very good.

There were some awesome experiences in the decade too. We travelled south to Australia for the November 2012 total solar eclipse:

In 2014 we took a trip through the Panama Canal, one of my bucket list items…

And we managed a tour of the American Southwest for the August 2017 solar eclipse:

Yes, my photography skills for this sort of thing improved in 5 years.

Through Facebook, I managed to reconnect with old friends from a part of my life nearly forgotten, and yet the re-connection was very much enriching. Sometimes one loses contact by circumstance, not choice, so I consider this a rare positive thing that came out of Facebook.

Thus the decade ends on a somewhat cheerier note than it began. I’m looking forward to the coming decade, as there are new adventures waiting (two more eclipses, retirement, and a decade of fluffy dinosaur cuddles).

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