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Happy New Year 2021

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Happy New Year 2021
Happy New Year 2021

I’m writing this in July 2020, on my birthday, actually.

The plague is easing up a bit, and things are starting to open. Dumbasses were protesting yesterday on Parliament Hill – protesting being told to wear a mask because apparently, wearing a mask makes your penis fall off if you’re a certain kind of person.

The notion of protesting wearing a mask by people without bona fide respiratory issues is befuddling to people who aren’t comically stupid, but that’s the state of things in Canada… Let’s hope that in 2020, the survivors of that protest are a little more beneficial to the gene pool.

It’s been a hot and relatively dry summer so far. By the time this gets read, we’ll probably be complaining about the cold.

It was neat in 2020, not really having to spend any time in the office. I wonder how things are going to be in 2021? I think that for a lot of people around Ottawa, the traditional trudge to the bilingual salt mine downtown is pretty much done. Most civil servants, I think, are going to be in a work-at-home-most-days sort of routine by now, and I’d be surprised if that Petri dish that is Place du Portage is even open to regular business yet. People used to die of respiratory diseases there before COVID-19, so I would expect a lot of resistance to repopulating that building until it’s been sanitized to within an inch of its life.

Hopefully by now many of the people who lost their jobs have had a bit of an opportunity to recover their livelihood.

2021 really can’t be much worse than 2020, so here’s hopin’

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