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What. The. Actual. Fuck?

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So by now you’ve seen the New Year’s post. As noted, I had written that in the summer. Today, I was doing a bit of web admin and I checked in on that post. It has a sort of “well, things are sort of shit, but it’s not that bad and things are starting to look up a bit” quality to it. Today, is 12 December.

What. The. Actual. Fuck?

Seriously… between then and now, the United States unravelled faster than a bodice in a Louis Lamour novel. The president, and the cronies who committed the vile ritual that channeled Mussolini’s epic clown skills and Hitler’s <cough>authoritarianism</cough> into an orange wind sock, have been trying to undo an election where Il Douche lost due to the unfair situation of having received far fewer votes than his opponent.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, terrorists wanted to kidnap the governor because she had the audacity to put public health measures into action to help stave off the ongoing plague.

In 19 days I guess we’ll all know if they’re going for another civil war.

And that was the Christmas present from the universe to the Earth… we all wait and see if the most powerful man in the world is going to completely lose his shit, or go quietly and fade into obscurity.

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