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Now is the chance to show that you aren’t a hypocrite!

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The Liberal premiere of Ontario just prorogued the provincial legislature on a whim, seemingly so he can watch the olympics uninterrupted with annoying distractions… like, say, WORK. Personally, I don’t care much, that’s how parliaments tend to function.  It gets prorogued on the whim of the leader.  That’s how our flavour of democracy works, although […]

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Tiger Woods fucks around, and I don’t care… and neither should you

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The Great Tiger Story continues with an article in today’s Ottawa Citizen that talks about how we shouldn’t put athletes on a pedestal and how they’ve let us down before. Frankly, I am sick to death of those sorts of articles. Although the columnist is correct about “we shouldn’t put athletes on a pedestal”, I […]

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Should I have had to mortgage the house?

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Right now, in the USA, there is a big debate going on about whether or not it is time to bring some level of socialized medicine to that country. On one side of the debate are the more liberally inclined folk who believe that people shouldn’t die in the street or lose their life savings […]

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A message for Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada

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Today I received this in the mail: [edit: Conservative Party of Canada donor solicitation.  I’ve lost the photo as this article is being pulled out of archives in August 2015] It’s nothing really unusual, I get them on a regular basis because I have been a financial supporter of the Conservative Party for many years.  […]

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