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Wow, the spam-bots are ubiquitous

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The blog has been around, what, a week?  Already I’ve had to block 9 IP addresses and two small networks for spamming activities. Some people’s kids…

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So what happened?

Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Security, Technology

The Squid Zone has, for a number of years, run in the Amazon cloud.  It is an instance in a pool of (presumably virtual) servers.  Without getting into the obscene technical details, this affords a nice web-based interface to control most aspects of the server, and I can log in with a terminal session to […]

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It isn’t UBB that is the problem. You understand that, right?

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Usage Based Billing. UBB. The new 4-letter word of internet service in Canada. The CRTC is allowing the big providers to start charging for internet service based on the amount of bandwidth used. You know, like it used to be 20 years ago before marketers started offering “unlimited” packages and petitioning the CRTC to force […]

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