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Ever wondered what the internet is really like?

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Many of us remember a time when having a blog or a computer on the internet was a cool thing and was safe-ish.  There were hackers, but you could take some simple steps (though not enough people did, even then) and largely keep the miscreants out of your stuff. It’s a different world today.  I […]

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So what happened?

Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Security, Technology

The Squid Zone has, for a number of years, run in the Amazon cloud.  It is an instance in a pool of (presumably virtual) servers.  Without getting into the obscene technical details, this affords a nice web-based interface to control most aspects of the server, and I can log in with a terminal session to […]

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Why the internet is the way it is

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Some people have heard this before, but since I now have a public forum, I figured I can share it with the world… At one time or another most people wonder why the internet is the way it is. There was a time when it was considered to be THE way of the future, where […]

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