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All lives matter, yes, even black lives

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Black Lives Matter has valid concerns, and I am going to state up front that I totally concur… in the US, and maybe even in Canada, black people are killed by police at a rate that is disproportionate with their numbers in the general population.  That implies a level of systemic racism, and I won’t […]

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So you’re mad at the government, the police, the system…

Crime, Current Events

… how does ripping up your town make it better? Irrespective of what any person may think about the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury decision, what positive outcome can be expected from ripping up your own community and setting it ablaze? Not that I agree, but I can understand something like “march on city hall.”  I […]

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The Christmas Phishing Campaigns Are In Full Swing


I’ve been receiving plenty of reports lately about phishing mail – both email and, surprisingly, paper mail.  Every two-bit scumbag wants to see how many people he can suck in to divulging personal and financial info before Christmas. Everyone should be extra careful when receiving any kind of email asking for payment.  Before clicking on […]

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