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And the year marches to a close…

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It’s been a busy year.  I threw in the towel at work in favour of taking December off to rest a bit and work on some personal stuff, then go into consulting in the new year.  Fun stuff, and I am looking forward to the change. Been spending time with the parrots at Parrot Partner, […]

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And at last… World Squid Day

Cephalopods, Current Events, Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Math and Science

Squid day is upon us!  Day 3 of Cephalopod Awareness Days brings us the mighty squid!

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Do computers dream of silicon sheep?

Cephalopods, Current Events, Entertainment, Math and Science, Technology

No, generally they seem to dream of Lovecraftian shoggoths, dogs, and birds. There has been much media space dedicated to Google’s Deep Dream engine, so I found a few places and submitted some pictures. First, since Deep Dream seems to love to dream about eye monsters, I figured it might enjoy an octopus, and some […]

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