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So you lost your job for being an ass? (formerly: How not to get caught…)

Crime, Current Events, Entertainment, Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Security

I originally wrote this article 30 Jan 2007, but it bears repeating in light of the mental giant who lost his job over getting on TV saying “Fuck her right in the pussy!” to a reporter. FHRITP heckling is, at best, juvenile.  It’s something I’d expect a 10-year-old to say just before getting his mouth […]

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The Support Scam

Crime, Current Events, Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Security

The Squidette is well versed in computer security, and it’s a good thing. Yesterday someone called to try and effect the Windows Support Scam. What happens is that someone calls you and claims to be receiving messages from your Windows machine. They’ll even talk you through a look into the event logger to show you […]

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South Keys plaza – Ottawa’s most expensive parking

Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Travel

I got my car in November 2004. Life was good. But lately (since October 2005) parking at the South Keys plaza – for the purpose of patronizing the shops there, has or will cost me: A new set of licence plates: $100 A new bumper: $1022 2 door dings, as yet unrepaired, but let’s say […]

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