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Purple Monkey Dishwasher: First prank call in 25 years – Feb 18th 2016

Crime, Current Events, Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Rules

… Wow. A bona fide prank call. I didn’t think you could do that anymore what with call display (enters Phone number in Canada411, does reverse lookup). Hmm, Teal Crescent in Orleans. Hey I know where that is, I bought an old Xbox from someone on that street ages ago… Source: Purple Monkey Dishwasher: First […]

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Sure, I’ll support your kid’s team/school/whatever…

Friends-Romans-Countrymen, Rules

… just send your kid around to ask/sell me the item. Yes it’s that time of the year again, and time for a little rant that’s near and dear to my heart. That’s right folks… when your kid’s hockey team, or school, or whatever organization he/she belongs to needs to raise money and sends your […]

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