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Happy New Year 2021

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I’m writing this in July 2020, on my birthday, actually. The plague is easing up a bit, and things are starting to open. Dumbasses were protesting yesterday on Parliament Hill – protesting being told to wear a mask because apparently, wearing a mask makes your penis fall off if you’re a certain kind of person. […]

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Happy New Year

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You will be able to view this post next year with perfect hindsight… Happy 2020!

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Happy New Year 2017!

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Whee! Fun! Yay! It would not be a proper new year without the traditional New Year’s Squid.

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Giant Squid Drops by Marina for Christmas – AOL On

Cephalopods, Current Events, Friends-Romans-Countrymen

A giant Architeuthis dux squid was spotted by onlookers swimming into Toyama Bay northwest of Tokyo on Christmas Eve. Researchers estimate the squid is around 12-feet long and is relatively young. Locals say it’s the first sighting of a giant squid of the season. The animal was first spotted by fishermen out by the Mizuhashi […]

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